The New Product from NPO Kinematika Has Passed Federal Registration

MI-002-67764787-2022, a technique for measuring the biochemical oxygen demand of
water by barometrical method, developed by NPO Kinematika, was attested by Federal
State Budgetary Institution “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service”. The
Certificate of Attestation, dated 25.08.2022, was issued under the number 205-
The technique was put on the Federal Information Fund for Ensuring the Uniformity of
Measurements on 27.09.2022 г. The number in the register is FR.1.31.2022.44148.
MI-002-67764787-2022 establishes the technique for measurement of biochemical oxygen
demand of water by barometrical method within the range from 1.0 mg/dm³ to 250.0
mg/dm³ inclusive. It is intended to be used to analyse the drinking, natural, purified waste
water, and domestic waste water.
The measurements are carried out with the use of “BS BOD” analytical instrument under
Technical Specifications 26.51.53-011-67764787-2021. The instrument is represented at
the electronic trading platform of Gazprombank:

Certificate of Attestation

13 Oct 2022