September 19, 2013 in the program “Morning of Russia” it was told about alternative energy sources

Alternative energy sources are increasingly used in modern housing and communal services. Issue of TV program “Utro Rossii” (“Morning of Russia”) on the channel “Russia 1” of 19 September 2013 is dedicated to development in this area.

Could one provide electricity for the cottage without resorting to municipal services? It’s possible by means of wind turbines. Russian engineers have developed a single blade generator that rotates faster than a three-blade one, and produces energy at a wind speed of three meters per second.

Energy of 2 kW generator is stored in batteries. This reserve is enough to watch TV, connect lighting, fridge and washing machine. The work of the wind turbine can be monitored remotely via the Internet. However, wind is a quite unpredictable source of energy, and wind turbine does not work under a dead calm.

Rather unusual source of energy has been found in Kazan. Local experts have proposed to use the heat of hot waste water of large enterprises as an energy source.

Developer of vortex thermosiphon cooler, Uglovsky Sergey, says that part of the heat to be disposed, for example, by thermal power plants, could be transformed into electrical energy. Then, the heat can be returned to their own enterprise and provide electricity, for example, for the cooling system.

Experts say that same technology could be used to receive power from an ordinary pond — quite a bit adaptation of the installation is needed. Laboratory installation is already been tested.

PR Department of the state corporation “Fund of assistance to reforming Housing and Public Utilities”.

19 Sep 2013