Science in action

Unique technologies for construction and life support that SIA Kinematics Go LTD creates together with “Tatneftekhiminvest-holding” JSC, have been told by “Vestnik. Povolzhie” magazine. This monthly magazine publishes current information on the latest technologies used in construction, industry, housing and utilities. Any of the inventions of SIA Kinematics can be successfully applied in different regions of Russia.

Eugenia Lisina (Евгения Лисина). Translated by SIA Kinematics.

SIA Kinematics Go LTD together with “Tatneftekhiminvest-holding” JSC creates unique technologies for construction and life support. Any of these inventions of SIA Kinematics can be successfully applied in different regions of Russia.

Water is life

According to the World Health Organization, more than two billion people in the world suffer from a shortage of drinking water. This problem becomes more and more urgent from year to year. Various methods have been tried to solve the problem of water shortage. But today there is a new technology (“YARUS” DP), created by the inventor, the head of SIA Kinematics Go LTD Sergey Uglovsky allowing producing fresh water from the air. This method is based on the phenomenon of condensation of moisture from the ambient air on the cooled surface at a temperature below dew point. Coldness of deep water layers is used as a cold source. The cooling circuit has submerged heat exchanger. Circulation pump provides the required flow of cooling water. Moisture content and air temperature level of summer allows condensate moisture from the air around-the-clock, using cooling water. Condensate is collected, passed through UV disinfection and cleaning in an electrostatic filter, then entered to the storage tank. “Potable water obtained has an important distinction,” says Sergey Uglovsky. “It has natural balanced salt content and it is analogous to dew or rain water in that sense.” This water is suitable for human consumption after cleaning of contaminants. “YARUS” DP provides mobility and efficiency and does not require capital expenditures. 51 kW power installation is able to provide drinking water to a village with population of about 2000 people.

From 240 to 1000

Another invention belonging to SIA Kinematics Go LTD, is the set-up of unified spatial field (USF) for grinding materials, alloys and minerals that is used to improve the grades of cement from 240 to 1000. USF installation can also be applied to increase the strength of concrete due to cavitations of water, for recycling of old asphalt, producing of finely dispersed dry building mixtures and to obtain high-quality gypsum. “Introduction of USF set-up in the construction increases productivity and improves the quality of finely divided materials,” explains Sergey Uglovsky. “Feature of our set-up is the low power consumption combined with high performance and reliability.”

Thermal curtain

About 70% of energy consumption in the home falls on the space heating. SIA Kinematics provides a way to organize low-cost heating and cooling of frame buildings for both residential and industrial applications. It uses ground low-grade heat and heat transfer fluid that is circulated in a closed loop, padded just inside the frame of the building to be heated. “Heating and cooling takes place by using a closed circulation system with the thermal fluid and removal of ground low-grade heat,” says Sergey Uglovsky. “The same heat transfer fluid is used to chill the building in summer, this is accompanied by an accumulation of heat in the ground, which prevents depletion of heat flux from the ground and eliminates the risk of its freezing. The system allows you to refuse high-temperature heating of heat transfer fluid, to escape complex equipment and bulk radiator heating system.” The proposed system is 3–5 times more efficient than gas heating or heat pump heating for residential applications and up to 200–300 times more efficient for the industrial facilities.

09 Jun 2014