In Kazan, vortex thermosiphon cooler has been invented and patented

Kazan scientists have presented the set-up, which is unique in the world. Device that is possible to convert waste heat into electricity was presented in Technopolis “Himgrad”.

Kazan scientists have presented the design, which is unique in the world.

Device was presented in “Himgrad” Technopolis that can convert waste heat into electricity, according to INNOVANEWS.RU. Innovative invention is being patented. It is worth noting that devices similar to that have been developed by Kazan scientists until produce in any country of the world.

The novelty was named Thermosiphon Vortex Cooler, abbreviated as VTSO. The principle of cooler’s operating is quite simple: recycled water of industrial facilities, urban water utility, as well as natural reservoirs, is used as a renewable resource. Scientists have offered not just cooling water, but also use its heat to generate electricity, and vortex thermosiphon cooler copes with it perfectly. Developers of innovative device are JSC “Tatneftekhiminvest-holding”, SIA Kinematics Go LTD and the Union of enterprises of housing and public utilities of TatarstanRepublic.

“VTSO could be broadly applicable: housing and public utilities, water treatment plants, power, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, etc. The cost of gas for heating increases each year, so we need to introduce new modern technologies right now. Being applied, VTSO reduces costs of enterprise’s power consumption by 2-3 times,” said Abrek Khayrullin , the head of the Union of enterprises of housing and public utilities of TatarstanRepublic. Waste heat recycling at industry and energy is the urgent problem for majority of countries. Previously developed methods have their drawbacks: thermal pollution, the greenhouse effect, inefficient use of production areas and energy resources. A prospect for the introduction of the new system is much more optimistic: new jobs will be created, export production will be improved, and production costs in terms of maintenance costs will be reduced.

Thermosiphon vortex cooler has already received support of the Tatarstan Government. Let us recall that project was first presented in 2006. One year later, there was a meeting with Rustam Minnikhanov being the Prime Minister of the Republic at that moment. And today, the prototype of the future device is designed and ready for pilot testing (see photo). At present, the question is about serial implementation of the vortex thermosiphon cooler at the enterprises of the Republic.

24 Aug 2013