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Опубликована статья «Энергия пласта»

Опубликована статья «Энергия пласта», в которой показана связь коэффициента извлечения нефти (КИН) с общей энергией пласта, а также предложены несколько вариантов для увеличения КИН и значительного продления срока рентабельной добычи скважин.

Статья вышла в декабрьском номере делового журнала Neftegaz.RU. Смотреть статью целиком (ссылка).

The article “Oil Reservoir Energy” is published

The article “Oil Reservoir Energy” is published, in which relation between the oil recovery factor and the oil reservoir energy equation is shown. 

“YARUS” processes highly viscous oil and fuel oil

Tests of processing of highly viscous Ashalchi bitumen oil and sour viscous fuel oil M-200 were held on laboratory equipment “YARUS”. The feedstock was processed without pretreatment.

ЯРУС-ФР перерабатывает мазут и высоковязкую нефть

Проведены испытания по переработке высоковязкой битумной нефти Ашальчинского месторождения и высокосернистого топочного мазута М-200 на оборудовании ЯРУС-ФР. Сырье переработано без предварительной подготовки.

Результаты испытаний изложены в отчете (смотреть .pdf)

Science in action

Unique technologies for construction and life support that SIA Kinematics Go LTD creates together with "Tatneftekhiminvest-holding" JSC, have been told by "Vestnik. Povolzhie" magazine. This monthly magazine publishes current information on the latest technologies used in construction, industry, housing and utilities. Any of the inventions of SIA Kinematics can be successfully applied in different regions of Russia.

Tests of industrial prototype of YARUS-FR fractional separator are completed

Tests of industrial prototype YARUS-FR are completed. YARUS-FR is a one-pot unit for processing and separation of various hydrocarbons, including gas condensate, crude oil, fuel oil, bitumen, and high-viscosity oil.

Source of "gratuitous" energy has been created in Russia

The new device, called the Vortex Thermosiphon Cooler (VTSO), was presented in Technopolis "Himgrad", the city of Kazan. VTSO converts heat of industrial waste water into useful electrical energy.

Kazan engineers invented a mechanism to extract energy from wastewater

Kilowatts almost for nothing. Kazan engineers invented a mechanism that allows you to extract energy from wastewater. It's still early to talk about the widespread use of new items. But in future the equipment will allow saving both large enterprises and ordinary citizens.

September 19, 2013 in the program "Morning of Russia" it was told about alternative energy sources

Alternative energy sources are increasingly used in modern housing and communal services. Issue of TV program "Utro Rossii" ("Morning of Russia") on the channel "Russia 1" of 19 September 2013 is dedicated to development in this area.

In Kazan, vortex thermosiphon cooler has been invented and patented

Kazan scientists have presented the set-up, which is unique in the world. Device that is possible to convert waste heat into electricity was presented in Technopolis "Himgrad".